Boost Website Traffic For The Holidays

Boost Website Traffic For The Holidays

Boost Website Traffic For The Holidays

Special events get people out there looking for special things. So why not try to boost website traffic for the holidays!

This time of year begins a nonstop timeline of holiday activities, at least here in the U.S. We are just a little over a month away from Halloween. Then from there through New Years we have a steady stream of holiday search trends to try to capitalize on.

Depending on what kind of business or website you have, there may be some great opportunities to steer some of this extra online traffic your way.

As we all know, adding posts with useful content is the number one driving force to get traffic to your site. And of course, we need traffic in order to get the chance to tell consumers or readers why they should visit our site and/or buy what we are selling.

Follow The TrendsFollow Search Trends

Since holidays bring out more online searches for particular content, you want your website to be offering relevant information in these specialized holiday times.

So, it is time to put your thinking cap on and come up with some ways to utilize the various holiday related keywords that can boost your website traffic during these peak shopping months.

Much of the opportunities here may seem obvious. For instance if you have a bakery, you may want to make Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. themed baked goods. So, you will also want to advertise them on your website with relevant keywords.

Some of those might include, Custom Halloween Cupcakes, or Scary Apple Turnovers, etc., or things like Pastries that will make your Halloween party to die for, and other clever things like that.

If you haven’t ever used Google Trends, I highly recommend it. It is a free tool that shows you, in an easy to read graph, how popular specific searches are and what time of year they are searched the most.

You can even type in multiple keywords to compare the popularity of each. It is very useful, and also just a fun tool to play with.

Keywords and Coupons

Basically come up with some ideas and use your handy dandy keyword research tool to find out what people are looking for and what has low competition.

The best keyword tool I know of is through Jaaxy. It accurately lets you know how many people search the word/phrase each month, how many other webpages you would be competing with to rank for that keyword, plus a ton of other extremely valuable information. You can try it right here if you’d like. Nothing I have found is even close to as awesome as this! Have fun with it!

Another thing you can do is offer online Holiday coupons. People love to save money! A great free online tool you can use to design little things, like coupons, is (I will be doing a more in depth report on Canva soon)

It is really about trying to think about what people may be searching for right now, that they aren’t searching for the rest of the year, and using that to focus your content and gain some extra traffic.

Not only do the holidays bring on direct holiday related searches, but it also comes at the same time as Fall and Winter for much of the world. So this presents even more time specific posts you can do about snow, rain, cold weather, etc.

Seasonal TrendsSeasonal Trends

Again, depending on the type of website or business you have, you may be able to draw in readers with helpful tips, services, and goods related to thing like winter travel woes, staying warm, staying dry, etc.

For a lot of us small business owners and website entrepreneurs , this time of year is where a majority of our annual income comes from. And if it isn’t for you, maybe it could be. People spend a lot of money at the end of the year, and they only have so much of it to spend. So make sure you are out there getting noticed.

January and February can be really rough months for a lot of businesses, because a lot of typical consumers are broke from Christmas. It is sad, but it is true. One of the best ways you can combat this is to make sure you made your fair share at those optimal times.


Don’t let big businesses like Walmart, Target, and Home Depot bully you out. There is plenty of business out there, you just need to make sure consumers know you are there. The best way you can do this is by making sure your website is prepared and relevant for the holiday traffic.

Of course you still want to maintain posting regular content, but it can only help your business to included current event posts. Use your imagination, and come up with some clever ideas.

I just wanted to make this post to help everyone realize, or remember, to jump on the holiday opportunities.


If you have any comments or questions please let me know. If you have any examples of success from using current event focused posts, it would be awesome if you could share with us! We all benefit from hearing about others’ successes!

I will continue to add to this post as I gather new and helpful information over the next couple months…Happy Holidays Everyone!






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