How To Embed a Youtube Video in a WordPress Blog

How To Embed a Youtube Video in a WordPress Blog

How To Embed a Youtube Video in my Blog

Want to add a little pizzazz to your blog or post? Here is a detailed explanation of how to embed a Youtube video in a WordPress blog. It is really quite simple.

When I started my first website I had no idea that I was even allowed to use Youtube videos, but I kept seeing videos on other people’s blogs. I was wondering where they got these videos?

At first I thought they were making them themselves, and of course some people do. Then I started to realize there was no way some of them were made by the writer. I wondered, were they buying them somewhere? How can I do this fancy stuff?

For a while I just didn’t pursue it. I assumed they were buying them, and I didn’t want to spend the money. But then one day something caught my attention, and I realized I too could have videos on my site!

Not only could I use videos on my website, but it was also incredibly easy to do. So, today I decided to share this info with all of you. Look no further, this is how you embed a Youtube video!

Step 1

Pick the video you want to use. Usually you want to try to find an appropriate video that isn’t very long. There are two reasons for this. It can slow down loading on your website, and people don’t typically want to watch a long video when they are there to read you post, not watch videos.


Puppy Video


Step 2

Make sure it is OK to use the video you chose. Click on the word “share” below the video. This will open a box that should say “embed”. If it says “Embed” then you can use it on your site with no worries! (Almost every video is shareable, but you should always check to make sure)

Embed Video

Notice it says “EMBED” at the bottom of the box. That means you have permission to use this video.

Now just copy the highlighted link. It is highlighted in gray in the above photo.

Step 3

Go to your WordPress editor screen for the post you want to use the video in. Click the tab that says “text”. Most of the time you are in “visual”.

In text mode you see the behind the scene coding that formats your text. So you will see a lot of symbols like <-><.<.script>> type things. Just figure out from the actual words where it was that you wanted the video placed and then paste the code you copied there.

And just like that! You are done. You can go back to the “visual” tab and you should see your video there.

Now that you have this power, remember not to go crazy posting a million videos on your website or it may cause it to load slowly. But using them is great for popularity with readers and search engines.

I hope this was easy to follow. Have fun with the new world of video embedding!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please let me know in the comment section below. Make sure to select “Notify me of replies to my comment” so that you know an answer is waiting for you.


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