How To Get Keyword Ideas- The Best Tool For The Job

How To Get Keyword Ideas- The Best Tool For The Job

How To Get Keyword Ideas

When you start your own website or blog, one of the first things you need to do is start writing some content. A lot of people seem to get stumped on how to get keyword ideas. It can take a little bit of practice at first, but once you get the hang of it I guarantee you will have more awesome keywords than you know what to do with.

I think the main problem people have with getting ideas for their keywords is just overthinking it. We all use keywords everyday. The key really is to just think like yourself.

What is a Keyword

Part of the issue may be that people aren’t thinking about keywords the right way. To begin with, the term “keyword” is a little misleading, as you will probably never actually be using a keyword, but really a keyphrase.

Years ago it may have been a more accurate term, but today with all the competition out there you will most likely need to use phrases and questions to get ranked in the search engines.

How to Get Keyword Ideas

Good Keyword IdeasThere are many ways to come up with ideas for keywords. When you are first starting out you have a blank slate and so many options open to you. Which direction you take really depends on what the goal of your website is and what it is about.

Let’s say you are writing a blog about your travels, and you want to write about your recent trip to Cozumel. You may wonder what keywords to use.

First of all, you want to have a good keyword in your title. What you want to do is think about what you want to write about, and why people would want to read an article about Cozumel.

Do they want to know how the weather is there? Do they want to know what there is to do there? Do they want to know what kind of food they have, or about the history of it?

What information do you have to offer in connection to possible things people would want to know about Cozumel?

Think about these things, and try to come up with a target for your article. A helpful way to get an idea of what people may look up about your topic is using Google itself.Google Search

In the Google search bar, I’m sure you have noticed, when you start to type something it makes a suggestion for you based on what you have typed so far and other popular search terms that start the same way. This is a great way to start to get some ideas on possible keywords for your article.

For instance, when I type Cozumel it suggests Cozumel Weather and Cozumel Palace. These are things people look up, but you need more options than this. One thing you can do is type Cozumel (space) and then the letter “a” and it will give you popular searches that start with “a” like Cozumel airport, Cozumel all inclusive, Cozumel activities, and so on. Then try it with the letter “b”, “c”,”d”, etc to get more ideas.

Once you have some ideas you are really going to want to use a reliable keyword research tool to help you pick the best keyword with the least amount of competition.

Online Keyword Research Tools


There are a lot of online keyword tools out there. Some are free and some have to be paid for. Since day one I have been trying to find a free keyword tool that does what I want it to do, and I have not had success.

Many people claim that the Google Keyword Planner is pretty good for a free tool, but it does not work for me at all. If you have a google account you can try it out, you just have to signup through Google Adwords.

The thing is that because it is associated with Adwords, it is just trying to get you to pay for ads the whole time and not helping me get the keyword information I need to write my articles.

Another professed free keyword tool is with Wordstream, which is also in association with Google Adwords. I have yet to figure out how to actually access this wonder tool they hype up like crazy.

It won’t give you any actual helpful keyword information unless you login, but how you do that, I do not know. They just keep trying to get me to sign up for a 30 day trial of all the marketing stuff they want to sell me.Customer Support

I tried to call the contact number from their website and it went to an answering machine. I even tried multiple extensions, they all went to voicemail…not a good sign. Personally I like to deal with companies where people actually work, and care enough to be there to answer their customers questions.

Some other people have mentioned, so I tried that out. What it does is give you a list of google search terms. Like how I was explaining earlier about typing in Cozumel “a”, Cozumel “b”, etc. It gives you a tidy list of all of these. It is actually quite nice to have it all done that way, but you still need actual SEO information for your potential keywords.

The Best Keyword Tools

There are only two keyword tools I have found that give me all the information I need to choose the right one.

The first research tool I would recommend is Jaaxy. This is, by far, best tool I have used.

It is the best because of the information that it provides you, and also because you can sign up for free. You get 30 free keyword searches and 30 free ranking searches without having to provide any credit card information.

I have not found any other paid research tool that offers you this. All the others want you to pay ahead and then refund you later if you don’t like it. I do not like this method at all.

Here is a screen shot of the search page.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Here is a simple breakdown of what you are looking at:

  • Avg- This the average amount of searches this keyword gets per month
  • Traffic- This is how much traffic you could expect to get for this keyword if you were ranked on the first page
  • QSR- This the amount of websites featuring this keyword that you would be competing with to get ranked
  • KQI- This tells you if this would be a good keyword to go after or not
  • SEO- This is the likely-hood, from 1-100, that you will be able to get ranked on the first page for this keyword- 100 being the best
  • Domains- If you click on this it will show you available domains relating to this keyword
  • Related- Shows you suggestions for related keywords
  • Brainstorm- Gives you some more keywords to help you come up with other ideas

Unbeatable information here, and this is just the keyword search!

Jaaxy also provides you with the Alphabet Soup list. This is again what I mentioned above with the Cozumel “a”, Cozumel “b” example.

You can also save lists and add to them as needed. It also keeps track of your search history, and can help you analyze the data.

The Jaaxy SiteRank tool that is included is another great feature. With this tool you can plug in your domain, or any domain, and a keyword and see where you are ranking on the top three search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo).

It will tell you which position and which page you are on for that keyword. You can also track your keywords daily, weekly, or monthly (and a couple of options in between).

It even shows you the page you are on, so you can see your position and what your snippet looks like.

It is awesome. Go ahead and try it out…

The second keyword tool I recommend is the one I use most often. It was actually created by the same people that made Jaaxy. It is the free keyword research tool that comes with the Wealthy Affiliate membership.

It is basically just a simplified version of Jaaxy. It still gives you all the keyword search information, but it does not have the SiteRank tool.

I use this version because it gives me all the statistics I need to choose the right keywords and it is conveniently located inside Wealthy Affiliate, where I am usually logged in anyway.

In case you aren’t familiar with Wealthy Affiliate (WA), it is an exceptional online program that teaches you step by step how to successfully build your own website and/or how to make money through affiliate marketing.The Best

You can check out all the details in my How to Start My Own Website article. It is really the best thing ever. Whether you already have a website or blog, or are just thinking about it, you should see what they are all about.

All in one place you get unbelievable training, website hosting, the keyword research tool, affiliate marketing capabilities, a community of hundreds of thousands of like minded people in all stages of success available to help you succeed, and so much more, all right at your fingertips.

As you can see, I am very passionate about Wealthy Affiliate and how they have changed my life, but that’s a whole other story…back to keywords…

You Have What You Need

Basically, you really do have what you need to come up with great keywords, your own mind.

With your imagination and a good keyword tool you will have no problems coming up with excellent keyword options for your website.

I wanted to give you a couple little tips for when you are using keyword research tools such as Jaaxy.

Optimally you want keywords that get a decent amount of searches and have low competition. So, when looking at the image above, you would want the number “Avg” to be as high as possible, while keeping the “QSR” as low as possible.

Generally speaking, when you are first starting out, you want a keyword with more than 50 searches (Avg) and less than 50 competition (QSR).

Later on, when you have a first page ranking website with tons of traffic, it gets easier to rank with more competition. Once you are there you can much more easily beat out a QSR of 200-300, but for now try to keep it under 100, and under 50 is best.

Long-Tailed Keywords

Another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of people search in the form of a question, which can make for great “long-tailed” keywords (as they call it).

An example of a long-tailed keyword would be something like The best time of year to visit Cozumel, or Where is the best place to eat in Cozumel?.

You do need to be careful using questions as titles though, because sometimes it can be awkward to put them into your post. You do not want to repeat your long-tailed keyword over and over, but it is a good idea to naturally put it at the beginning and end of your article.

I hope you found this helpful. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions I would love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.







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